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Welcome To Scrub Radio

Scrub Radio

Scrub Radio was an Online Radio Station started by Scrub Johanson in 2003. Scrub strove to bring the world the very best music by Independent Recording Artists, but he also wanted to give everybody the chance to become part of something bigger.

For over a decade, Scrub Radio had listeners, artists and DJs all over the world participating in one way or another. In March of 2015, the station was shut down due to a lack of resources required to maintain the site and station.

At this point in time, there is no active plan to bring Scrub Radio back, but there is always hope.

For right now, think of this as a tribute to what was once a fantastic Online Radio Station for Independent Recording Artists. It can also be used as a place to promote your music, or music you just think really rocks, to others around the world.

In time, maybe we can come up with an alternative use for this site, a once truly great Online Radio Station.

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