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Richard Snow And The Inlaws - Middle Class Girl
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DJ Static Cling

Broadcasting from: Teh InterWebz

Born in Ohio. Raised on Rock. Punk by necessity.

Funny. Talkative.

I'm a listener, too. Tell me your problems.

Sell me your frequent flyer miles.

I distrust anyone whose last name is a first name (ie., Ted HENRY, Mona SCOTT and Butch PATRICK).

I don't believe in horoscopes, but they believe in me.

I'm married to my wife, not my career. In fact, my career and I are undergoing a trial separation and boy, is it free-ing.

I like all kinds of music except chin music and anything by Rogers & Hammerstein.

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DJ's Playlist History
Song Played     Time Played Show Played On
Scrub Radio Promos - Round At Milligan's - Magic Stamps Scrub Band Page Artist Search 4/7/14 11:33 PM Part Of The Problem
Andy Snap & The Loose Cannons - N.W.O.   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:31 PM Part Of The Problem
Hey Bro - Cutting in Ice Cream Line   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:30 PM Part Of The Problem
the BoxBerrys - Sleepy Jesus master mp3   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:27 PM Part Of The Problem
Alex Body - Molehills   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:25 PM Part Of The Problem
French Whore Named Babette - TV   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:23 PM Part Of The Problem
Starvin Marvin - Track 3   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:16 PM Part Of The Problem
Racist Black Kid - 360p   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:15 PM Part Of The Problem
Rep Hank Johnson (D) - Guam Will Capsize   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:14 PM Part Of The Problem
Gidget's Ga ga - Baby You're A Star   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:12 PM Part Of The Problem
Bushwalla - Acoustic Rhymer   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:02 PM Part Of The Problem
Mynock - Dagobah System   Artist Search 4/7/14 11:00 PM Part Of The Problem
Lazy American Workers - sorority girl   Artist Search 4/7/14 10:57 PM Part Of The Problem
The Midnight Club - Stay Young   Artist Search 4/7/14 10:53 PM Part Of The Problem
SHORT CIRCUIT - input3   Artist Search 4/7/14 10:52 PM Part Of The Problem
SOUTH PARK - Timmy!!!   Artist Search 4/7/14 10:51 PM Part Of The Problem

Bands Played by this DJ: bleed, One Days Notice

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Shows by this DJ

Part Of The Problem

Punk, Talk, Horror Movies, Comedy, Self-addressed stamped envelopes and more.

Part Of The Problem    Part Of The Problem



Site Comments for DJ Static Cling
Ledit RenArt Ledit RenArt is a Boy Ledit RenArt
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Posted On: 7/5/2014 at 4:57 PM

Ledit RenArt : New Remix : Rat Cities

johnemendell johnemendell is a Boy johnemendell
Site Profile
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Posted On: 4/22/2014 at 11:48 AM

Would you please listen to my new song, "EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN" !


John E Mendell

johnemendell johnemendell is a Boy johnemendell
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Posted On: 2/5/2014 at 2:43 PM



NoBadCats NoBadCats is a Boy NoBadCats
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Posted On: 12/2/2013 at 8:32 PM

Thanks for playing dead skeletons on part of the problem. can't wait to get my computer set up somewhere so I can start listening again...

Mikey-Nanton Mikey-Nanton is a Boy Mikey-Nanton
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Posted On: 7/16/2013 at 10:59 PM

Hi DJ Static...Please can you play the two XOVA songs i just uploaded
"9 Lives" and "Knife Crime G. Corp album mix" on your show...Cheers


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