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Plans for the Future
Plans for the Future by webmaster - Scrub Radio
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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I felt it was about time for me to give an update on the future of Scrub Radio, as well as a few other updates. Before I get to that, I feel it prudent to first give a quick introduction to those who may not know who I am and a brief history.

Please bare with me as I go through all of this.

My name is Robert, and I have been the webmaster for Scrub Radio since mid 2005 or so. Since Scrub Radio closed, which in of itself was a tough decision to make, I have wracked my brain trying to come up with an idea of how to bring it back. I had many ideas since March of 2015, some of which I did post about a while back, but none panned out.

After a while I stopped posting about every idea because what was the use? They all failed, and why talk about something when I have no clue in the possibility of success? In addition, no one else seemed to have any better ideas, very few even spoke about trying to get Scrub Radio to return. In fact, the only ideas that were ever brought to my attention involved donations, fund raisers and crowd-sourcing.

These are fine ideas for getting something off the ground that can sustain itself once it's going, but not so much for something that was always a financial strain that never found a way to generate any income outside of donations. One thing I never wanted was for Scrub Radio to have to rely on donations of any kind in order to stay in operation. That kind of plan has never worked for Scrub Radio.

This means that the only hope for Scrub Radio to return, and have a chance of survival, would be to either have an idea that involved a decent chance of some income to maintain the servers, or find an option cheap enough that I (or someone else) could surely afford.

Sadly, I have never come up with any way of generating income that actually works, and will let me sleep at night. Let me give an example of something that would not allow me to sleep; charging for airplay is probably #1 on that list. I would never be involved in any kind of station that charges for airplay, nor would I be involved if any kind of favoritism or special treatment could be bought.

Ads also don't really work. At least not for me. It's nearly impossible to sell ad space directly on a site like this, leaving the only real option being something like Google's AdSense. Those types of ad services are horrible, and I myself tend to steer clear of sites that use them and would never subject visitors of a site I run to those tactics. Google's AdSense for example is notorious for allowing ads that try and inject malicious code to the visitor's browser, one common one is trying to force fake Firefox updates to be downloaded on Firefox browsers.

So bottom line, there are no good ways of generating income that I can think of, especially the amount of money that was being spent on Scrub Radio's dedicated servers.

All of that said, I do believe I have found a way to bring Scrub Radio back to life! And by that, I actually mean I have found a way, unless something blows up in my face of course lol. But so far it's all running smoothly.

I have already moved Scrub Radio, as well as my other sites, to a new server that can run and currently is running a ShoutCast server. This means the full return of Band Pages, and maybe even a full station stream, very soon.

I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up as I have already given a lot of information. I don't want to loose anyone in the length of one given post, but there is still more very important information I have to give. But before I end this, I do want to make a few things very clear:

First, Scrub Johanson, while supportive of this effort (as he has been in the past), is not involved in this, nor does he want to be. At least not in any official way; if anything, he'd like to just be another member/visitor/listener. Nothing more, nothing less. So any thoughts, suggestions, feedback or complaints need to be directed my way, not his.

Second, I in no way want Scrub Radio to ever be considered competition, or appear to be competition, to any other site. The only thing I want is to further promote Independent Recording Artists, to provide them with any extra exposure I can, and the best way to do that is to be part of the larger community; not a separate entity in of itself.

In that sense, I am hoping to come up with an idea to connect any Scrub Radio artist with any other station playing at least some Independent Music in a way that does not compromise either the Artist or any Station. And I am open to ideas on exactly how that can be accomplished, but I will talk about that more later.

Third, and my final message for right now, I will not be assuming any prior Scrub Radio permissions going forward. I don't want to start 100% from scratch, but I also do want to respect artists that have moved on, broken up, or otherwise don't want to be played on Scrub Radio any longer. Right now nothing is active other than the displaying of textual data; basic band information and links to their other pages on other sites. Soon this will change, and ALL band pages have been set to 'inactive' status (the site will reflect this soon). In a future update, before anything actually goes live, only pages that get manually set to 'active' by the artists will show up.

Also, all songs have been set to give 0 permissions; downloads, On-Demand streaming, Auto DJ play and Remote DJ play have all been turned off on all songs. As with the band pages, each individual song will have to be re-set by the artists to allow any of those features.

I also want to point out that the band pages DO have an option for deleting the page, and when editing a band page, there is access (by the owner and other connected accounts) to view, edit and delete all uploaded songs. However, the 'delete' options don't actually work yet. This is simply because I still need to test these features to make sure they actually work. Once I am sure they work, I will grant access to all Band Page owners. However, extensive testing is required, as I want to make sure that these features do not break anything, and actually work as indented (deleting the actual song file itself in addition to the database entries).

If you need help accessing your old accounts, post a comment here using the Facebook plugin, or submit a Support Ticket through the site's 'Contact' section.

Thank you again for reading, and keep an eye out for future updates and information.

All Blogs (5)   Music (1)   Site News (5)

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Posted On: 11/14/2016 1:29 PM
Thanks for the update! If you don't want to take donations, crowd source or run ads, you're kind of backed into a corner, aren't you? How about a nominal monthly subscription fee for the artists? Your heart is in the right place except the
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