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Harmony Constant's Influences

Michael Nesmith, The Monkees, David Gray, Harry Chapin, KT Tunstall, John Denver, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, Pete Murray, Ian Matthews, Jen Chapin, Brandi Carlile, Simon and Garfunkel (Together and Solo), The Everly Brothers, The Bangles, Allison Krauss and Union Station, Edie Brickell, Ray Lamontagne, Elliot Smith, Guns and Roses, Mamas and Papas, The Dillards, CSNY, More to come

About Harmony Constant

Born from the union of two musicians with very different backgrounds Harmony Constant has become the leader in Folk-Rock for Pennsylvania.

Cindy was a natural piano player as a child and wrote her earliest songs while in her teens that were inspired by her love of 80's hair bands. She soon became part of three prominent bands.

Mac has sung since childhood. Inspired by the artists such as Harry Chapin, Jim Croce and Simon and Garfunkel he soon found himself on stage singing for audiences and acting in local musicals. It was when he first saw The Monkees that he was inspired by the genius of Michael Nesmith and understood that music was his vocation.

Since meeting in 2002 the two have combined their desire to make heartfelt music that matters and create some of the most sincere Folk-Rock around.

"Out of the list of breathtaking original songs Jackson has writen some that have stood out are:

Alone Again: This lively songs is sure to stick in your head as well as conjure images from references to Harry Chapin and MacGyver. There is a sense of loss that leans against the undeniable hope for the future. One of his most requested live.

Do Me A Favor (Patient Man Blues): This ballad brings a lump to the throat as we can hear the plea of a lonely man searching for his one true love and asking anyone to help him find her. The song grows in intensity and the bass line is well placed.

The Story of Us: This Chapin-esque story song tells the real life tale of how Mac meet Cindy at a Borders book store years ago. It smoothly tells the tale while reaching new levels of music integrity by shifting with the mood of the words. You feel like you've been through the experience with them. Cindy's harmony is strong and proves powerful during the overlapping bridge. She's in complete control all the way.

Meridian Avenue: Another great story song brought to life by telling the tale of The first home the Mac and Cindy shared together. Haunting at times, this tune paints such a picture one can hear the train in their back yard.

Down On My Corner: This song tells the story of the mistakes we make when we're young. Mac recalls an old man who tried to teach him guitar when he was a boy but gets forgotten when other things prove distracting for the young student. It's a classic tale of regret that will leave you appreciating what you have while you have it.

Fade Away: Losing friends never sounded so sweet in this emotionally intense song. Taken from a fall out had with a platonic female friend Mac wrote this the day he woke up and realised he wasn't angry anymore and actually missed his friend. The finger work on the acustic guitar fills in this song so well and makes it a favorite among the crowd.

I'll See Her There: This early song was co written with Jackson's old music partner and the darker minor keys make for a different song than the more uplifting songs Jackson would go on to write himself. It proves intriguing however due to the practicallity brought to it by Jackson's contribution and vocal range.

It's Alright: A new song that has already proven to be a classic. Jackson releases some of his anger towards those who try to be an expert supporter about things they disagreed with two days before. The lyrics tend to be more poetic and less exact in this song and the chorus reaches deep into your soul and stays."

They are currently working on a studio album at Noodle Studios.

Band Members

  • Mac Jackson - Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Harmonica/Percussion
  • Cindy Jackson - Harmony/Keyboards/Percussion
Folk, Rock
Page Created By: Mac_Jackson
Band Location: Scranton/Dickson City Pa
Band Joined On: 6/29/2010 7:47 PM | Last Updated On: 1/29/2017 8:27 PM
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The Story of Us Uploaded: 7/3/2010 2:41 PM
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Alone Again Uploaded: 7/3/2010 2:41 PM
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'Roam' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:27 PM
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'Before You' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:28 PM
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'It's Alright' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:29 PM
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'The Story of Us' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:30 PM
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'Meridian Avenue' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:31 PM
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'Fade Away' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:33 PM
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'Do Me a Favor (Patient Man Blues)' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:35 PM
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'Alone Again' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:37 PM
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'I'll See Her There' Live at the SCC 1/13/12 Uploaded: 3/24/2012 1:39 PM
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